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Tired of Politics?

Democrat or a Republican, the people lose.  Peons always lose.  The rich, the powerful, and the well-connected prosper.

(Not all.  There are philanthropic wealthy folks out there, but that’s looking for the needle in a haystack; my reality, anyway.  If you know otherwise, I’m all ears.  I’d like to be more optimistic).

In theory, democracy, communism, capitalism, socialism, and what have you all promote happiness.  Ideologies promise social stability, economic security, and prosperity.  Theories and concepts — always successful — on paper.

In real life — not so.  Ego and greed get in the way.

Got money, want more money.  Got power, want more power.  Intimidate, manipulate — who cares?  Ends ALWAYS justify the means!

A dear friend once said, “I don’t care who wins the election.  I suck up the reality and work around the policies.  I protect me.  I’ve got to watch out for my interests.”

Smart lady.

Guess what?

She pulled out her stocks just days before the Wall Street melt down. (According to friends, gold is the safest investment.  Thoughts?)

“How did you know?” I asked.

“I didn’t, for sure.  ‘Just listened to my brain and my sixth sense.  I didn’t grasp the magnitude of the financial fiasco but my investor wasn’t making sense.  My portfolio was shrinking by the second and he’s telling me to hang in there?!  Who, at 63, has the luxury of time and money?!  Hell no!  Forget what anyone says.  People always look after their self-interests first.  Gotta use our brains and think.”

Cynical?  Yes.

Wise?  A double yes.

Twenty years from now, at 63, I’d like to be less cynical; hopefully, as wise.

Tired of politics?  Tired of being screwed?

Forget political parties.  Forget government.  Forget the wealthy. (Unless, you’re one of them.)

I have to think — gather facts, analyze, and synthesize.  Only I can protect me. 🙂


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