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Brain Rules: Twelve Ways to Thrive — Exercise Boosts Brain Power (I)

Whether we exercise or not, we understand the positive effects of exercise on our bodies; preventing life threatening diseases such as diabetes, strokes, and heart attacks.

How about the effects of exercise on our minds?

As shown in the video, our bodies were never designed for sedentary lifestyles.  Our information processing and problem solving skills improve significantly with a 30 minute aerobic exercise, just two to three times per week!

Dr. Medina, in Brain Rules, states one more reason why an exercise routine is critical to long, healthy, quality life:

  1. Our bodies turn the foods we eat into glucose.
  2. Cellular chemicals greedily tear apart the molecular structure of glucose to extract its sugary energy.
  3. Fierce activity generates a fair amount of toxic energy called free radicals, resulting in mutations in our DNAs (that’s cancer!).
  4. The oxygen-rich air we breathe — we certainly get more with aerobic exercise — absorbs the toxic free radicals generated during our digestive process.

Exercise — great for our bodies, hearts, and minds!

What’s holding you back from taking 30 minute walks two days a week?  (For me, TIME!)

In the next 11 days, we’ll continue to learn more about our brain — THE vital organ that determines our quality of life.

Hopefully, a paradigm shift will take place where exercise will move up on my list of priorities.

See you tomorrow! 🙂

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