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Brain Rules (VIII) — Get Stress On Your Side

When we”re stressed, what changes take place inside our bodies?  Rising blood pressure, increasing heart rate, boost of energy — all signs of adrenaline gushing through our blood streams to keep us alive.

Our stress responses were designed to solve problems that lasted not for years, only seconds (literally, the fight or flight mode).  Stress was designed to get our muscles moving us as quickly as possible, usually out of harm’s way so we won’t become some tiger’s lunch! (John Medina)

Our environment has changed drastically since the days of hunting and gathering but our bodies have not.  Too many stress hormones lingering in our brains lead to chronic stress, overwhelming the brains’ ability to function and problem solve.

Chronic emotional stress causes our health to deteriorate.  Stress attacks the immune system resulting in elevated blood pressure, increasing the risk of autoimmune diseases, heart attacks, and strokes.  Chronic stress can cause depression, altering our abilities to think — affecting our productivity; more importantly, our quality of life!

What happens in our private lives affect our public life.  Stable home lives affect students’ performance at schools as well as workers’ productivity.

How, then, do we manage stress?

Get control back into our lives (insightful stress management experts agree).  Give students and employees a way out — not from their jobs but from the stress they experience from their tasks (John Medina).

Lots to remember, integrate, and apply — for me, anyway.  Looking forward to serving my students with more compassion, more patience.  Wish me luck! 🙂

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