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Forgiveness Sets Us Free! (I just have to do it!)

What emotions are stirred when you hear the word, “Forgiveness”? 

If you’re like me, you’ll respond, “Again?!  WHY beat this ‘dead horse’?!  My head understands but my heart doesn’t want to.  I’ll forgive in my time, under my terms … when the offender changes, or better yet, when the evil creature is out of my life!”

Fortunately, life rarely works out my way. 

After a decade of blame, avoidance, people pleasing, pain, and cycles of disappointments, I HAD TO to come to my senses (not by choice … just sheer necessity).  I FINALLY realized, “Same issues will resurface until I learn life’s lessons.” 

I got SO TIRED of attracting domineering souls. 

My mother and I were thousands of miles away; my mother-in-law, less than five miles!  For better or for worse, my mother continues to take up residence in my head (Love you, mom … minus the dysfunctional traits I inherited). 


And though my journey is nowhere near complete, I’ve begun taking small baby steps — FINALLY learning to let go — one person, one layer at a time. 

William Marionson can tell you better than I can:

  • Our ego is about blame.  The ego wants to determine who’s innocent and who’s guilty.
  • We continue to invite similar souls into our lives until we learn our lessons.
  • Forgiveness helps us return to our most loving self.  We give love, and in return, get love.
  • When forgiveness occurs, the miracle of love takes place naturally.

“Forgiveness is not a difficult way.  It’s just a different way of thinking.  Forgivness sets us free.”  (Marionne Williamson)  🙂

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