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In Search of a Missing Teen

Last Saturday, my family and I celebrated my nephew’s fifth birthday. 

‘Felt excitement and joy everywhere!  (Well, almost … ) Kids laughing, adults conversing — enjoying their summer afternoons. 

Next to the outdoor kitchen stood my nephew’s mother — glowing with her overflowing love for her son — as she cheerfully spun cotton candies for her son’s friends!

Inside, on the family room sofa, sat the mother’s eldest sister, mustering enough strength to put on a smile. 

With a plate on one hand and a drink in the other, I sat down. 

“So, where’s your daughter today?” I asked.

A faint reply followed her pause, “She ran away.  Missing for six weeks now.  No word yet from the police …”

“What?!  Why?!”   Did I hear correctly?

“I don’t know.  I just don’t know.”

I couldn’t begin to imagine life without my kids.  I could only give a listening ear.

“My husband and I gave our daughter everything she needed — home, love, clothing, safety.  Sure, as a fetal alcohol child, she had to work at least twice as hard as her peers, but we treated her better than our own.  She’s been with us for 11 years.”

Yes, the child was definitely loved and cared for.  The family went through an arduous adoption process before bringing their daughter home at age six.

“She disappeared into the thin air?” I asked.

“She secretly moved all her clothes to her friend’s house as well as her friends’ phone numbers.  We got one e-mail saying ‘I don’t want to live under your house rules any more.  Don’t worry.  Don’t look for me.'”

(Anyone can write the note.  How can we know for sure the e-mail came from my niece?) 

Now, this teen doesn’t fit the runaway’s profile — no abuse, no trauma, no major stress in the family.  She’s very kind-hearted; always knew how to make others feel at ease.  Young children adored her!

According to my cousin, her 17-year-old didn’t have a boyfriend (not anyone she can recall.  No drastic changes in behavior prior to the event.)

The family is praying for her safe, quick return.

If you know of resources and hotlines for tracking runaways, please share.  Information and knowledge would mean SO MUCH to the family right now. 


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