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How to Communicate With Your Child’s Teacher

Just three weeks into the school year, my fifth grader has begun showing lack of enthusiasm for learning; an attitude I have not seen before.

Every year, Erik adored his teachers.  School equaled learning, excitement, fun, and friends! … until now.

No homework, no clear expectations. 

“I’ll just do what my teacher says.  When I’m not in class, I’ll have nothing to do with him.”

No rapport, no accountability.  WHY am I seeing invisible red flags before me?

Perhaps it’s time to communicate and clarify … But how?

I am a parent, my child’s advocate.  My goal is to resolve misunderstandings, not confront; to help provide optimal learning opportunities and experiences for my fifth grader.

I am open to Erik’s teacher’s perspectives and what he has to say.

eHow, the site that explains just about everything you want to know, suggests:

  • Confront carefully, respectfully, and privately.  Your goal is to problem-solve, not create animosity. 
  • Respectfully offer suggestions.  Make sure that the authority knows you are not attacking him, but rather offering suggestions that would improve your child’s learning and school experiences.

It takes a village to raise a child.  I’d like to establish a positive relationship and partnership with my child’s teacher.  By the same token, diplomacy and tact has never been my strength. 

Unresolved issues will resurface until given the proper attention they deserve.  So, do I learn the art of diplomacy now or procrastinate — until the stakes get really high?

“If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” 

It’s time, perhaps, for a lemonade. 🙂

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