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Joel Rosenberg’s “Inside the (Islamic) Revolution”

Joel Rosenberg’s latest publication, Inside the Revolution, takes readers into the Islamic world where:

  • Muslims are converting to Christianity in record numbers 
  • Iranian leaders (not the Iranians) truly believe the end times are near.  These leaders are obsessed with the notion of hastening the coming of their Messiah by destroying Israel, the United States, and subjugating the remaining non-Islamic states (Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu)

Why should we care?

Because ignorance is death — literally. 

If Iran gets hold of nuclear weapons and the ballistic missiles to deliver these weapons, six million Jews will perish in six minutes or less, and the rest of “unwanted” humanity within the same hour. (Fox News, Glenn Beck)

We’re toast!

Cash-strapped North Korea  continues to develop its nuclear capabilities (they’re way ahead of the Iranians).  Iran has cash.  Desperate “death-cult-leaders” will pay whatever it takes to destroy their non-Muslim counterparts — to hasten the coming of end times, the coming of their Messiah!

But … there’s hope.  Reformers ARE pushing back the radicals. 

Knowledge IS power! 🙂


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