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Take Care Clinic — Patient-Friendly Health Care Option?

What’s your ideal health care?  Free?  On-demand — 24/7?  State-of-the-art, thorough, professional patient care? 

Where do you go for minor illnesses requiring immediate attention?  Urgent care?  ER? 

How long did you have to wait?  How much did you pay?

CVS and Walgreens’ Take  Care Clinics are now providing walk-in, basic healthcare services — respiratory illness (sinus infections and strep throat), urinary tract infections, rashes and poison ivy, minor injuries and sprains — illnesses not serious enough for emergency rooms but nevertheless, requiring immediate professional attention.

Experienced family nurse practitioners and physician assistants provide the health care you need to get better and stay healthy.  CVS pharmacy will treat minor illness, minor injury, and skin condition for $62.00 (with or without insurance), Walgreens starts at $65.00.  My last trip to the Urgent care was 6 hours long and $75.00 … with insurance!

Next time, I may give Take Care Clinic a try! 

Stay well!  🙂

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