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Boundaries With Teens (And People In General) — Don’t Be A Pushover

The other day, my almost 11-year-old son asked me in the car, “When we (he and his brother) are at grandma’s, do you and dad have sex?  If you do, who’s on top and who’s at the bottom?”

Unlike my mother who believed children should be seen, not heard, I’ve tried to keep an open communication with my two boys.  But I was caught off guard — totally — I was NOT prepared for this!

After Erik’s unexpected question, I began wondering if it was time for firm boundaries — such as, “I’d gladly help you answer any questions you have on school work, friendships, relationships, sex, drugs, alcohol, etc., etc.  I’m here to guide and help you in any way I can, BUT my sex life is none of your business.”

Like it or not, my son is heading towards puberty and adolescence.  Might as well embrace reality and enjoy the ride (Do I have a choice?).

As always, “when the student is ready, the teacher appears.” (Confucius)

For the next nine days, I’ll share my findings and learnings from Dr. John Townsend’s Boundaries With Teens — When to Say Yes, How to Say No:

  1. Be a Parent with Boundaries
  2. Understand the Teenage World
  3. Set Boundaries with Your Teen
  4. Address (25) Common Problems

Don’t want to do this alone.  Thanks in advance for your input and insights! 🙂


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