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Boundaries With Teens — For Single Parents and Stepparents (2/10)

Parenting with a spouse is hard enough; never a dull moment — plenty to do and think about!

Single parents and stepparents — raising their kids (to the best of their abilities) to become caring, responsible, productive adults — my hats off to you!

I won’t pretend to know what I don’t know; besides, you’ll see right through, “She’s way over her head!”

Psychologist Dr. Townsend’s shares his insights on single and step parenting:

  • Surround your teen with people who have what you don’t possess.  No one parent can provide all the parental “nutrients” adolescents need: grace, empathy, validation, structure, limits, and discipline. 
  • Let the biological parent be in charge of discipline at first … When you hear, “You aren’t my parent,” agree.  Say, “You’re right, I’m not.”  Understand that a great deal of hurt, anger, and sadness lies underneath that protest. Let it be.
  • One of the best ways to love your spouse is by helping him love his kids in the most supportive means possible.  Give up control, be humble, and earn your place in the family.

Parents, you rock!  🙂

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