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Trust but Verify: New Faces of HIV/AIDS

Five mothers, successful careers, living in suburban America, middle age, reentering the dating scene after a long marriage — one common denominator — HIV/AIDS.

Upon learning their status, these women who unknowingly shared Philipe, contacted other victims and gathered evidence. 

Ten testimonials later, Texas court sentenced the perpetrator with 45 years prison sentence; six counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon (bodily fluids).

Did Philipe stop these women from living their lives?  Absolutely not!  In fact, they have yet to give up on love!

Tricia found a wonderful man, a 21-year-survivor of HIV/AIDS.  “He possibly is the love of my life.  Had I not gone down this journey of pain and making the wrong decisions, I would have never found him.”

Susan has remarried.  Her husband does not have HIV.  “He’s very caring, compassionate,” she says.  “I disclosed on the second date.  That was difficult.  But you know, he’s wonderful.”

According to Dr. Kimberly Smith, an infectious disease specialist at Chicago’s Rush Medical Center, “You can’t look at someone and tell they have HIV.” (Full Story)

Trust but verify. Protect yourself. Get tested before the initial encounter. Contact your local HIV/AIDS support groups.  (see also Lost a Friend to AIDS)

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