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Christians — Who Are We?

Christmas always brings me back to that special place — 16 years ago, when I accepted Jesus into my life. 

Prior to becoming a believer, I viewed some Christians as kind; most to be hypocritical, sheltered, anti-homosexual, and some, way too judgmental (“If you don’t believe in Jesus, you’ll go to hell.”  Oh please, we’re all sinners.  “I’m holier than thou” attitude will surely turn away non-believers from God’s magnificent presence and His glory.)

The kindness of Christians, who accepted and loved me at my most vulnerable moments — as parents would their children, as Jesus has for humankind — moved my hardened, skeptical heart to understand: love was superior to power; grace, not condemnation, was the answer to change.

Sixteen years later, I find myself often falling short of being that kind, bold Christian Jesus models in the BIBLE.

SATAN plants the idea that it’s out level of smarts and our willingness to live with people who are sinners that makes us better.  But it’s always the Holy Spirit.  It’s Jesus in us who does it.

The bold proclamation of the gospel always comes from a heart of love, a heart of understanding about our own debt to God.  He has forgiven us everything, so we have no right to lord it over people who just don’t see that yet. (Dr. Charles Stanley, Nov. 2009)

Who am I to judge?

Lord, give me the wisdom and the courage to be perfectly bold AND perfectly sensitive — willing to tell God’s truth; willing to extend His grace.

Amen 🙂

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