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Obedience Requires Courage

Which would you choose?  Known or the unknown?  Knowledge or faith?

If you take comfort in control and predictability, you value knowledge, the known. 

Those of us who’ve been screwed too many times by unreliable knowledge and the perception of truth, gradually begin to trust what we’ve yet to understand.  Yes, the disobedient child FINALLY listens to his parents because his ways have resulted in intolerable pain and sheer misery.

Do we have a choice?

In Touch Ministry’s pastor, Dr. Charles Stanley’s messages always hits the nail on the head, “You reap what you sow, more than what you sow, later than what you sow … Obedience is not for the faint hearted.  Obedience requires discipline and courage.”

Our life is not just ours.  Our actions — both good and bad — affect others; especially those closest to us.

  • Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit.  God banned them from the Garden of Eden. 
  • King David’s affair with Bathsheba causes negative repercussions.  First, the child conceived would die.  David’s many children would always fight. This is especially hard on David because he loves his children very much.  God forgives King David but David must still face his consequences.

The world has eyes. (Marianne Williamson).  What is said and done in secret will be shouted from the rooftop. (Luke 12:2-3)

For the year 2010, I will continue to work on obedience.  I’m not courageous.  I simply don’t care for the consequences.

God, thanks for your patience, guidance, and understanding!

What’s your new year’s resolution? 🙂

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