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Math and Science Made Simple at Khan’s (Free Virtual) Academy!

I didn’t choose a business or a science field because I couldn’t make sense of what I should have learned in high school; but from this day forward, I’m saying “Adios!” to my math and science phobias!  

If you can relate, welcome aboard.  Check out Kahn Academy, where YouTube’s ‘professor’ Sal Khan make both basic and seemingly difficult concepts — from addition to calculus, chemistry to physics — a walk in the park!

Khan’s lessons are free, 10 minutes or less, simple, visual, and self-paced — start and pause as we please!  If I can learn, you can, too!

These testimonials say it all:

  • “I learned more about calculus in the last few hours than in the whole of the last semester at university.  I was almost ready to change majors because I wasn’t understanding much of the content but am now up to speed.” (Derek Hoy/ Geophysics Major at University of Queensland, Australia)
  • “I think he rocks.  I’m studying pre-algebra and I love it!”  (Felix Thibodeau, 11, Wilmington, N.C.) (Full Story)

Happy learning! 🙂

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