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The Engaging Leader: Winning with Today’s Free Agent Workforce

“People don’t quit their jobs, they quit their bosses.  Skilled people want to work for winning leaders.  Grade A talent wants to work for Grade A leadership.  It won’t settle for less.”

In The Engaging Leader, Dr. Ed Gubman communicates how to draw out employees’ enthusiasm and commitment; how to retain and nurture companies’ most prized and priceless assets — employees:

  • Engaging leaders are drivers and buildersDrivers are decisive decision makers; putting results first, stress the bottom line, and crack the whip (maintaining pressure on accountability and come down hard when goals aren’t met).
  • Builders put people and process first.  Builders are relationship-oriented.  Builders let solutions emerge, take a long-term focus, stay behind the scenes more, and are more positive than critical. (They are, by no means, indecisive.  Builders possess goals and visions.  They rely on natural consequences vs. immediate consequences by an authority).

Engaging leaders know when to be drivers and when to be builders.

Furthermore, Dr. Gubman states, “Employees (talent) want freedom, control, accountability, and caring.” 

  • Freedom — the freedom of expression and the ability to be who you are, not someone you’re not.
  • Control — people enjoy their work when they know what their responsibilities are and have the autonomy to achieve them.  They don’t want to be micromanaged.  Even when what-to-do comes from above, talented employees expect to figure out how to do it themselves.
  • Accountability — giving someone an assignment and holding him or her responsible for delivering results.
  • Caring relationships increase people’s investments in your workplace.  Warm relationships help employees feel connected and will motivate them to work for you — to help you meet your goals.  Employees will confide in personal matters if they feel safe.  They also want some friends in the workplace.

Tough and tender, a loveable task master, realistic optimist … whatever you call it, the intersection of driving and building behaviors is what engages most people. 

Successful leaders learn this in their interactions with people.  They become more versatile, expanding their own styles by taking on some behaviors that are unnatural to them at first, but become second nature as followers reinforce them by responding favorably. 

The ability to incorporate parts of these seeming opposites, like the skill of reconciling group goals and individual needs, will make you an engaging leader and a long-time, big time winner.  (Full Story)



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Seven Things Children Should Catch Us Doing

“Attitude is caught, not taught.” isn’t that the (hard) truth.  I sometimes wish my children would do as I say, not as I do … but that has yet to happen.

I don’t have a halo over my head or wings growing out of my back.  I am no Miss Perfect in any stretch of anyone’s imagination, which is why God shared His wisdom this morning.

Strength and accountability lie in numbers.  Sharing God’s wisdom, I know, will help me stay accountable to His words.  Thanks for your support:

Extending love to someone who is kind or special to us comes easy because we like the recipient of our attention.  But loving those who are hard to love helps us cultivate spiritual maturity and allows the Lord to intervene on our behalf (after all, life is all about Him, not me).

Showing care for enemies is an intentional action based on Biblical principals. (In Touch, February 2009)

  • We love because Christ first loved us (1 John 4:19)
  • We aren’t focused on retaliation.  Revenge belongs to God (Rom 12-17, 19). (I should get out of His way; yield to His divine intervention.)
  • We react with blessing, not cursing (Rom. 12:14, 20-21)
  • We willingly provide for the physical needs of our enemy (Prov. 25:21-22; Rom. 12:20-21)
  • We don’t stay angry; we show mercy to our adversaries (God modeled His perfect, unconditional love to humanity first) (1 Sam. 24:1-22; Eph. 4:26)
  • We are committed to forgiving, even when the natural response would be to give up.
  • We are not concerned with “winning” according to the rules of the world, but are committed to godly reactions (Matt.:44-48; Acts 7:60)

See also Winners Never Cheat.

Amen! 🙂

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Hold Parents Accoutable

PARENTS!!!  PARENTING IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY!!!  Our children ARE OUR RESPONSIBILITY — not the school’s, not the police — OURS!!!!

As a mother of a preteen boy, articles and video clips on sexting ran shivers up my spine! Call me dinosaur, techno-illiterate, totally out-of-the-loop — I’m one of the few on this planet without a cell phone.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean my 10-year-old son won’t have access to one (like all preteens, he has friends).

“Teens lack the life experiences to understand the long-term effects of their actions” — maybe so (I’ve made some REALLY STUPID CHOICES in my younger days so I’m certainly not in a position to cast judgment); but if one naked picture online can label a teenager as a “slut” and a convicted sex offender, there’s NO SECOND CHANCE TO MAKE A FIRST IMPRESSION (can’t take those pictures back once they’re out there.  Internet photos spread like wildfire)!

(See also State Laws on Obscenity, Child Pornography, and Harassment)

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Parental Involvement Yields Student Success

From the general public to presidential candidates, people frequently voice their opinions on “holding teachers and schools accountable for students’ performance.”

But what about parental accountability?  Aren’t parents children’s first and foremost educators?

Flowing Wells School District, where I work, is comprised of highly dedicated professionals whose goals are to serve one of Tucson’s economically and emotionally neediest communities.  Our goal has and always will be to educate and empower students to become caring, responsible, productive citizens.

The district provides one of the most thorough, professional staff development programs.  Novice and veteran teachers are held accountable to professional ethics, standards, and sound teaching practices.  Throughout the year, educators are observed by veteran mentors, receive feedback and strategies for ongoing improvement, submit written self-reflections, and receive ongoing peer support and peer reviews.

Despite our commitment and efforts, our students fail to perform at their best.  Many return after the summer break with limited to no retention of previous year’s skills and concepts.  During the summer, students are often left to care for themselves; without mental or social stimuli, without caring adults to guide and nurture them.

Majority of our schools lack parental support.  Many parents do not value education.  Several exist in the “fight or flight” day-to-day survival mode.  Our mobile population move from residence to residence.  Families vacate their premise before rent is due.

Despite our challenges, our lack of parental involvement, our school continues to meet state standards.  We are a Performing Plus school.

Exceptional results mandate parental support.

Paradigm shift is long overdue.  If society is to progress, parents must be held accountable for the outcome of their children’s education.

Community professionals and civic-minded citizens must collaborate to educate and equip parents with the life-skills of self-respect and responsibility — teach and apply the importance of hard work, planned parenthood, money management, and active involvement in their children’s lives.

Combine classes with hands-on practicum.  Apply acquired life-skills in the real world.  Offer incentives upon class completion (perhaps a gift certificate to the grocery store).

If our society is to grow, if our society is to thrive, if we are to leave a better world for our children and grandchildren, we MUST unite.

The time is here.  The time is now.   We MUST work together to educate and empower ALL students.

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Bloggers and Journalists — What’s the Difference?

“Faculties resistant to change and students whose insights and mastery of new media were being eroded by the authoritative resistance to change of so many professors.” (Degrees in the Past)

“We [journalists] don’t want to learn how to think like an entrepreneur, or an information architect, or a community manager.  We just want to keep doing what we know how to do; we didn’t sign up for all this extra stuff.” (Journalism: Why Aren’t We Having More Fun?)

But not for long. Change is here; no turning back! Go with the flow!

“Mainstream media reporters have started blogging in droves, while larger blog operations have hired seasoned reporters and focused on doing traditional journalism.”

“Blogger/Journalist Josh Marshall at Talkingpointsmemo won a Polk Award for investigative journalism, helping piece together the U.S. attorney-firing scandal, which led to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales resigning.  Not only was it a first for a blogger to win this award, but it showed that a new type of hybrid online journalism – combination, original reporting, aggregation and audience involvement could produce top-notch investigative work.” (Distinction between Bloggers and Journalists Blurring More than Ever”)

Collaboration, accessibility, accountability, and transparency between citizens and professionals sounds like THE ANSWER, for journalism as well as for many other professions.

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