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How to Live the Life We Were Meant to Live

Focus on our passion with every ounce of our being!  Yeah, yeah, much easier said than done … maybe not …

Dan, a bright young man, considered following his father’s passion and profession.  Becoming an engineer seemed safe, the path least likely to lead to mistakes.

Dan earned his engineering degree but didn’t want to use it.  He flirted with the idea of becoming a chef, but came to feel that, although he was fascinated by the inner workings of restaurants, food itself didn’t hold his interest.  Great — now he had a degree he wasn’t using and some work experience he didn’t care to follow up on.  Mistakes and more mistakes!

Meanwhile, working in restaurant kitchens, Dan found himself thinking like an engineer.  He saw each kitchen as a kind of factory, each appliance and tool as a cog in a production process.  How could the factory be made to work most efficiently?  How could time and energy be saved?  How could safety be improved, how could kitchen staff be best protected against burned fingers and sore backs?

Dan came to realize his false starts and meanderings had given him a fairly rare and useful skill set.  He could make schematic drawings; he understood the science of heat and materials.  He knew firsthand how heavy commercial saucepans were, how crucial the spacing of a kitchen line.

Dan became an industrial designer, specializing in commercial kitchens.  He had blundered his way to exactly where he was meant to be. (Full Story)

I’m still searching … a cause which I can immerse myself in with every inch of my being.  My passion and my heart, I know, will guide me.

How about you?  What do you want to be when you grow up? 🙂



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How to Reach Your Full Potential for God

Before introducing Dr. Charles Stanley’s latest publication, I wish to clarify, I am no right-wing conservative; to the contrary, a left-leaning Independent; a social progressive and fiscally, moderately conservative. 

More importantly, having been screwed too many times by unreliable knowledge and the perception of truth, this hopeless sinner came to the Lord 16 years ago, gradually beginning to trust what I’ve yet to understand (yes, the disobedient child FINALLY listens to her Father because her ways have resulted in intolerable pain and sheer misery).

Have you ever wondered, “What is my calling?  What is my purpose here on this earth?”

You’re not alone.  I know at least half a dozen friends who’ve shared similar thoughts, myself included.

Dr. Charles Stanley’s How to Reach Your Full Potential for God describes God’s wisdom and His ways:

  1. God always gives us opportunities that challenge who we are already and that are designed to move us to a new level of what we are already doing. (The bold, courageous, fisherman, Peter, puts down his net to serve Jesus, becoming a fisher of men.)
  2. God always calls us to something.  Jesus does not call us to quit something and remain idle for the rest of our days. (God didn’t simply tell Abram to leave his homeland.  God provided clear directions on how to reach the new land and the future that awaited him).
  3. God sets before us a challenge that holds the opportunity for blessings beyond ourselves. (If an opportunity is only for you or your immediate family, it very likely is not from God.) 
  4. God will confirm His presence as you pursue the challenge He has set before you.  (Peter walked on water until his faith in Jesus waned.  Peter also walked back–on water–to the boat with Jesus.) 
  5. God’s challenges will always accompany the enabling power of the Holy spirit.  He will remind you of God’s commandments, Bible stories, and lasting promises of God’s Word.  In most exciting ways, The Holy Spirit will give you His creative and productive ideas.

At 44-years-old, I continue to search for my ultimate calling.  I have yet to find out, but regardless of the unknown, I choose to live daily with purpose and joy (doesn’t happen all the time but I try).

What’s your calling?  What do you want to be when you grow up?  🙂

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The Difference Between Calling and Desire — Follow Your Heart!

Wading4U’s tweet got me thinking about the difference between calling and desire.

Merriam Webster’s online dictionary states:

  • Calling — a strong inner impulse toward a particular course of action especially when accompanied by conviction of divine influence
  • Desire — to long or hope for

“If you can get paid for doing what you love, every paycheck is a bonus.” (Oprah) — That’s a calling!

“I hate my job but I want fame and fortune.” (Desire) — Where’s the passion, the purpose, the intrinsic motivation?!  Eight hour work day — probably longer — feels like eternity!

Decades ago, I sold my soul to the devil (back when my self-worth was defined by a paycheck).  I worked for two hi-tech companies at two different times — translating and writing corporate brochures, patents, and user manuals.

Was it fun?  Not really; not for me, anyway.  Did the job pay the bills?  Yep.  Corporate politics — pretty ugly.  Was I miserable — absolutely!


(Humans are resilient.  Many unhappy workers go about their jobs.  Most things are possible when we apply ourselves).

Over the years, my paycheck has taken a steady decline (currently, I’m a part-time Instructional Assistant working 30 hours per week).  In return, I’ve acquired time, happiness, and fulfillment (teach, then go home to my family.  It’s the best)!

(Full time [veteran] teachers work 60-80+ hours.  My hats off to them.  That’s a whole another story, a whole another post.)

I am blessed with a husband (who lets me be me) and two sons (all three, the love of my life).  I wake up every morning — eager to start the day — to learn about the world and insights my grade school students await to share.  We read, learn, and grow — together!

Establishing heart-to-heart-connection with children, working with caring adults to make our world a better place, I know, is my calling.  I can eat, breathe, and sleep kids and education!

I once left this profession for more money; exchanged passion for misery.  Luckily, a force much greater than myself pulled me back — where I belong — and for that, I am eternally grateful.

“If you can get paid for doing what you love, every paycheck is a bonus.”  Right on, Oprah!

What’s your calling?  What’s your passion?  WHAT is your purpose in life? 🙂

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Guerrilla Marketing Strategies for Writers

Are you a guerrilla marketer or a traditional marketer?

Are you passionate about an idea, a product?  Do you want to inspire?  Do you want to learn with others?  How about getting your word out?

What’s stopping you from promoting your message — your calling?

If you answered MONEY, fear not!   Guerrilla Marketing for Writers (and for all professions) shares countless weapons to promote your message.  For starters:

  • Guerrilla marketing substitutes time, energy, and imagination for money.
  • Guerrilla marketing is geared toward small business owners with a big dream but not a big bankroll.
  • Guerrilla marketing measures effectiveness with profits; traditional marketing with sales.
  • Guerrilla marketing is based on psychology — the laws of human behavior that determine buying patterns.  Traditional marketing is based on experience and judgment involving guesswork.
  • Guerrilla marketing recommends maintaining excellence and diversifying only if doing so promotes sales without sacrificing quality.  Traditional marketing encourages production and diversify.
  • Guerrilla marketing recommends business growth through customer service and follow-up.  Traditional marketing encourages adding new customers.
  • Guerrilla marketing encourages relationships over profit — collaboration and win-win opportunities among competitors.  Traditional marketing advocates destroying competition.
  • Guerrilla marketing embraces technology because it’s simple, economical, and offers infinite potential.  Traditional marketing thought technology was too complicated, expensive, and limited.

If you’d like to share inspiring quotes or recommended readings on marketing, the sky is the limit!  We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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What a Winner!

A phone salesman, overcomes critics, and wins stardom on American Idol (actually Britain’s Go Talent, the British version of American Idol)!

Paul knew he was born to sing opera — touch hearts, minds, and souls — with his powerful, moving voice!  After countless rejections, Paul earned his four minutes on Britain’s Go Talent.

Moments later, skeptics were moved to tears!  Audience responded with standing ovations!

Phone Salesman Amazes Crowd (3:37)

Marketing Guru, Seth Godin comments on Malcolm Gladwell’s Outlier:

  • Where and when you were born have an enormous amount to do with whether or not you’re successful.
  • Becoming a superstar takes about 10,000 hours of hard work.
  • Both of the bullet points above are far more important than the magical talent myth.
Bill Gates, the Beatles, Beethoven, Bill Joy, Tiger Woods–do the math, 10,000 hours of work. Being the best in the world brings extraordinary benefits, but it’s not easy to get there.

The difference between winners and the rest — winners keep going when the going gets tough!

Believe!  Achieve!  Succeed!

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