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I’m Spending My Kids’ Inheritence

How would you respond to this bumper sticker — “Right on!” or “How selfish!”

Billionaire Warren Buffett will say “Right on!” every time.  Why?

“In life, you’re not entitled to a free ride.” ”Money or life?  I chose life.” “Life is what you make it .”

Do you know of a family or two who no longer speak to one another after fighting over their inheritance?  If parents leave nothing, children may resent mom and dad.  So what?!  They’re already at a much better place.  Resent all you want.

More importantly, families who continue to inhabit the land of the living will have an ongoing relationship — birthday parties, Thanksgiving dinners, and all that jazz!

“Give enough [to your children] but not enough to do nothing.”

Mr. Buffet, you are brilliant!


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How Will You Spend Your Billions?

If you’re like me, this question will never cross your mind.  What billions … or better yet, what thousands?!

But if we were blessed (or cursed) with large amounts of money, what will we do?  Give the money to our kids or to favorite charities?  What about accountability?  How would we make sure our hard-earned dough (or mad money) will be used wisely?

Billionaire, Warren Buffet, shares his wisdom:

“Give enough [to your children] but not enough to do nothing,” “You’re not entitled to a free ride in life,” “Money or life?  I chose life.” “Life is what you make it .”

Son, Peter Buffett reminds us, it’s not enough to know what you want to do; that the pain of action is a challenge we must take on. And that we must open our arms to the mysteries of vocation as much as the well-delineated parts; that work is not all about following a predictable path but also about doubts, mistakes, uncertainties and embracing opportunities.(Full Story)

Great lessons!  Empower, not enable!

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Challenges, Success, Prodigy

Success — largely a matter of hanging on when others have let go; thick skin + tenacity (Anonymous)

Watched Chopped last night, a “brutal” show on Food Network.  Here are the rules:

  • Goal: Four chefs compete (no assistants) to create a delectable three course meal — each dish reflecting the flavor, texture, presentation, and uniqueness of the mystery ingredient.  One chef is eliminated after each round.
  • Time: 20 to 30 minutes from coming face-to-face with the missing ingredient to plating for the judges.
  • Prize: $10,000

What would you do if you had to create a palatable appetizer in 20 minutes using celery, cheese, soba (buckwheat) noodles, and chicken wings?  (Chicken wings alone can take more than twenty minutes to cook!)

Three judges’ comments range from “You call yourself a chef when all you’re doing is placing cheese and celery on the plate?  You’re job is to incorporate the flavors with artistic presentation.” to “I’m extremely angry with your dishes.”

Positive response occasionally surface but pales in comparison to the blunt criticisms (all right, the winner leaves with $10k so taking the heat comes with the territory.  But still, they’re humans, you know).

My hats off to the chefs for cooking their chicken wings.  Mine may still be raw after 20 minutes (I’m just a curious viewer).


And then there’s Akim Camara — child superstar without a care in the world!

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